Chain Sling Inspection Tips

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Chain Sling Inspection Tips

When lifting heavy loads, it is usually advisable to use a chain sling mainly because of the resistance it offers. When compared to other types of slings, these slings tend to perform better when it comes to resistance to heat, cuts, and abrasion. This plays a huge role in not only reducing the need for maintenance but also increasing the efficiency of the sling. However, given that with time chains can develop distortions and faults, carrying out a proper inspection before using your equipment is advisable. Doing this is important, as it helps reduce the risks of accidents while also guaranteeing better performance. The following are tips that will come in handy in helping you carry out a thorough inspection of your chain sling.


Before starting your inspection, always make sure that you clean the chain. Doing a thorough cleaning is necessary because defects such as corrosion and small cracks are usually hard to notice when they are covered by oil, dirt, or paint. Cleaning will expose these defects, making it easier for you to both identify and then repair the defective parts.

Taking Measurements

With time, sling legs usually stretch. The stretching may be due to overloading. Consistent use can also wear the sling leg to such an extent that it can’t handle the loads that it is designed to handle. Whichever is the case, having sling legs that do not correspond to the measurements they were designed for makes for an inefficient lifting process. It also increases the risks of accidents. It is for this reason that it is always advisable that you measure every sling leg before using it. Doing this will ensure that you replace any defective sling legs as soon as possible, something that will go a long way in increasing the safety of your equipment.

Checking the Hooks

Another reliable way of telling whether your chain sling is in good condition is to check the degree to which its hooks have been opened. If they have been opened to anything above five percent of the normal throat opening, it is time to replace the sling. Any bending in the hooks is also a good sign that a sling needs to be removed. It is important to ensure that you tag any defective chain sling with a “Do Not Use” sign. This will help reduce incidences in which these slings are reused. Doing so will, therefore, help increase the safety of your equipment. If you are looking for good quality chain slings that are safe to use, check out our website. Our experienced staff will help you choose the perfect chain sling for your lifting needs.

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