Choosing Synthetic Slings for Your Company

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Choosing Synthetic Slings for Your Company

Synthetic slings come in many varieties and have a wide range of uses. Many are designed for very specific applications, making difficult jobs easier. When you’re ready to buy synthetic slings for your company, Kennedy Wire and Rope Sling Company, Inc. offers many varieties so you can have a wide selection at your disposal.

Specifically, some of the many types of synthetic slings include:

Web Slings – Web slings have a soft finish, making these perfect for fragile loads, because there is no worry that the sling might mar the object you’re moving. Web slings come in many configurations, including

  • Bridle Slings – These can be used when loads are equipped with permanent lifting attachments. These are lightweight, versatile slings.
  • Choker Slings
  • Flat Slings
  • Triangle Slings
  • Wide Body Slings – Often used in basket hitches

Within each of these types, slings are available in different load ratings.

Round Slings – Round slings are also available in different load ratings, and are particularly valuable for very heavy loads. There are round slings available that can lift up to 180,000 pounds.

Slings require fittings for attachment. Just as there are a wide range of slings available, there are also many fittings you can choose from, depending upon the kind of sling you are using and the load you are lifting.

Work with us at Kennedy Wire and Rope Sling Company, Inc to determine the best slings for your jobs, and the best fittings to pair with these. With today’s choices in synthetic slings, you can create a very unique configuration for any lifting or rigging job you need to perform.

Synthetic slings are high quality, durable tools that can make the job of lifting any load easier, safer and more efficient. Take the time to choose the slings and configurations that will make short work of any rigging or lifting job you have in mind.

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