Crosby Beam Clamps for Lifting – Features and Considerations

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Crosby Beam Clamps for Lifting – Features and Considerations

Lifting and runway beams can be attached to a hoist in an easy and portable manner through the use of Crosby beam clamps for lifting. These beam clamps are not to be used on any type of beam other than those specifically designed, tested, and marked as lifting our runway beams – the only exception being that they may be used on a beam in a structure which has undergone a specific engineering design check for that particular purpose. At Kennedy Wire Rope & Sling Co., Inc., we offer a range of Crosby beam clamps and other lifting accessories for your rigging projects.

Wide flange beam sections and plate girders are handled efficiently by using Crosby Company Beam Clamps. During the lifting process, the clamps grasp the beam at three locations. As the being misguided and balance properly it can be managed regardless of whether or not the clamp is off center lengthwise to a small degree.

Some of the features of these beam clamps include:

  • 5 to 35 tons
  • Upon application to the load, the tongs open and slide under the beam flange automatically
  • Slings, spreader bars, and chokers are not needed
  • Gripping tongs and center plate operate jointly – the clamping pressure increases as the weight to the beam increases
  • Proof tested individually at twice the working load limit (with certification)
  • The recessed base of model NS clamps receives welded studs on the beam surface
  • RFID equipped (all sizes)
  • Red paint finish

Very important!

Control of the beam must be maintained at all times. The beam should be grasped as close to the center as possible. In order to undo swinging or twisting, and the position the beam properly, snubbing lines must be used at each end. Every lifting scenarios different and may require certain demands that must be properly addressed prior to the lift.

When choosing Crosby beam clamps for lifting, a major consideration is the required safe working load (SWL), which is the weight of load plus the weight of the hoisting unit.

Other considerations involve the thickness and width of the beam flange which may dictate pay selection of a Crosby being clamp greater than the desired safe working load for compatibility with the beam dimensions.

For more information about Crosby beam clamps and other accessories we offer at Kennedy Wire Rope & Sling Co., contact us today.

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