Harrington Hoist Distributors Provide Efficient and Powerful Chain Hoists

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Harrington Hoist Distributors Provide Efficient and Powerful Chain Hoists

Used commonly in multiple industries, a Harrington chain hoist is a rugged tool that will amplify your capabilities. It is important to have the best equipment in place when you need to lift and transport items of considerable weight. At Kennedy Wire Rope & Sling Co., we are a premier leader among Harrington hoist distributors.

Types of Chain Hoists

There are three main categories of chain hoists operated in multiple industries. They include manual, electric, and air powered. For applications that will entail lighter lifts, manually powered chain hoists can often suffice. Electric powered and air powered chain hoists are more suitable for heavier lifts. The manual chain hoist often operates through the use of a metal chain functioning in a loop that is pulled to operate the hoist – sometimes rope may be used with these hoists.

Productivity Enhancement

The time necessary to raise and lower loads is lengthened which minimizes the quantity of power necessary for the work. These hoists are able to significantly increase productivity. Models that container ratcheted wheel are able to prevent loads from slipping as well. The main gear reverses when the wheel is disengaged, enabling the load to be lowered.

Industry Applications

Construction and manufacturing can benefit from the use of the Harrington chain hoist. These hoists can be effectively used in various scenarios to lift heavy equipment in multiple industries.

Your rigging projects need the highest quality lifting equipment and products available to ensure safety. It is important to contact an experienced rigging equipment supplier to access and employ this type of equipment.

At Kennedy Wire Rope & Sling Co., we are the provider to count on among Harrington hoist distributors for the hoist equipment you need. Contact us today.