How to Use Your Lever Chain Hoist

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How to Use Your Lever Chain Hoist

In several industries, hoisting or lifting material is the norm. Different types of hoists exist. Among the most common are chain hoists. They are available in at least three types:
  • Differential
  • Lever Ratchet or lever
  • Hand chain
At Kennedy Wire Rope and Sling we offer our customers a variety of chain hoist options, including the lever chain hoist. We know our products are ideal for providing the exact requirements to get that job done quickly, efficiently and effortlessly.

What Are Lever Chain Hoists?

A lever chain hoist is a classic example of a simplistic but durable tool for lifting and moving items where the load is too awkward or unsafe for a single person to pick up. Models tend to be durable and resistant to moisture and corrosion. They have a compact design allowing them to operate in an area with little headroom. Chain types use chains, combining them with a drum and gears – manually or pneumatically operated – to accomplish this. The load, bottom or lower hook at the end of the chain connects directly to the load or indirectly via an accessory, e.g., a sling. Operators can use this hoist at practically any angle. This includes horizontally, vertically and inverted. This hoist is ideal for limited space applications.

How to Use a Lever Chain Hoist

Operating a chain hoist is simple. The operator after attaching the upper hook to the mounting point and making certain the safety latch is closed completely,
  1. Flips the selector lever into the neutral position
  2. Manually pulls the chain down leaving enough slack to attach the lower/load hook
  3. Attaches it to the load
  4. Positions the ratchet handle correctly before adjusting the left-side selector lever upward to raise a load or the right-side lever to lower it
  These are the basics. For more information, about the lever chain hoist, contact the experienced professionals at Kennedy Wire Rope and Sling Co., Inc. partners with Harrington Hoists, Inc.

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