New 3M Protecta Harness – Safe, Comfortable & Affordable

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New 3M Protecta Harness – Safe, Comfortable & Affordable

A brand-new line of 3M fall protection equipment has recently hit the market in the form of the Protecta Pool Body Harness. The new lineup consists of four different harness styles. These include Standard Construction Style, Comfort Construction Style, Standard Vest Style, and Comfort Vest Style. Each style of the Protecta harness comes in a range of configurations to match the specific needs of the consumer. At Kennedy Wire Rope & Sling Co., we offer a range of harness safety products and other rigging products solutions you can trust.

The New Features of the Protecta Harness

Fixed Back D-Ring

Lessens the requirement to readjust

Easy-Link Web Adapter

Allows for easy and fast attachment of personal SRLs and maintains the availability of the D ring for lanyards, rescue devices, or overhead SRLs

U-Shaped Neck

Includes a moisture wicking padding to minimize sweat buildup and chafing

Sturdy & Durable Belt

Provides convenience for carrying a tool bag

More Robust and Softer Hip Pad

The thickness is increased by 350 percent for enhanced comfort

Auto-Resetting Lanyard Keepers

Compliant with ANSI Z359.11 and ideal for easy and fast parking of carabiners and snap hooks

Protected Labels

Enables inspection and identification for the long term

Impact Indicators

Enables easier inspection for damage due to impact loads

With four new styles of the Protecta harness to choose from, you are sure to find the style that matches your preferences and needs. Regardless of whether your work application involves climbing, positioning, or retrieval, 3M Fall Protection harnesses are the devices you need to ensure safety in your operations. These harnesses are made to high quality standards and designed to provide the necessary safety and comfort needed by the user.

Industries Served

The new 3M Protecta harness options that encompass the full body of the worker are highly applicable in a number of different industries, including oil and gas, construction, transportation, Gen. industrial, Mining, metal fabrication, automotive, military maintenance, general manufacturing, pharmaceutical, and repair and operation (MRO).

If you are interested in learning more about the full body for harnesses we offer under the Protecta harness line of products, contact our team today at Kennedy Wire Rope & Sling Co. for more information.

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