Plate Lifting Clamps – Features and Uses Explained

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Plate Lifting Clamps – Features and Uses Explained

Different applications, both outdoor and indoor can utilize plate lifting clamps and the advantages they provide. Plate lifting clamps are made of steel and are also covered with corrosion resistant substances in order to mitigate corrosion. At Kennedy Wire Rope & Sling Company, we provide these clamps which may be utilized in various settings and industries, including construction sites, fabrication facilities, and industrial factories. Service centers and auto repair shops can also make use of these durable lifting clamps.

Materials Lifted

Various materials can be lifted with these clamps including iron, structural steel plate, stainless steel, and aluminum. In addition, hoists, slings, and cranes utilize these clamps in many cases in order to safely rig heavy items such as equipment and other machinery.

Types of Lifts

Many types of rigging operations can benefit from the versatility offered by these plate lifting clamps. Various types of lifts can be performed by these clamps including universal, horizontal, vertical, and multidirectional lifts.


One of the major reasons for using the clamps we provide at Kennedy Wire Rope & Sling Company, is for the transfer, positioning, and stacking of lift plates at industrial facilities and construction sites. Very heavy plates can be lifted with these durable clamps. Typically, a visual inspection of these clamps and the entire rigging apparatus takes place before the clamps are positioned over the center of gravity of the left. Proper stability may require two clamps to be used (which may be required for longer flexible loads). The operation may also require a sling to be placed between the clamp and the crane (or hoist) in order to add more stability to the left. In addition, in order to prevent loosening of the lifting plate, locking devices may be used with the vertical clamps.


The thickness of the plate being lifted as well as the required lifting load determine the size of the plate lifting clamps needed to complete the job. Because the plates which are listed often have polished surfaces, these services must be protected. This can be done via rubber clamps; they will prevent damage to the surface of the steel lifting plates.

Ensure Safety of Application

It is important to ensure that a lifting clamp is never welded or grinded in order to fit a plate. If this is done, a very unsafe and dangerous lifting situation can result. Rather, plate lifting clamps should be chosen with the proper size to correctly match and fit the load without the necessity to make any adjustments, modifications, or other structural changes to the clamps or plate to be lifted. If you need plate lifting clamps for your rigging operations, be sure to contact our team at Kennedy Wire Rope & Sling Company.

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