Chain Slings


Kennedy Wire Rope & Sling Co., Inc. offers a wide variety of chain sling options for use in many situations. This special type of sling can be made from Grade 80 or Grade 100 chain making it flexible and resistant to high temperature, ideal qualities for use in harsh environments.



As with all slings, you want to make sure the rated load limit of the particular sling used is greater than the actual load. Single leg slings can be differentiated by the type of end or hook used. Kennedy Wire Rope & Sling Co., Inc. offers the following types of single leg slings:

Our representatives are happy to help you choose the best single leg sling for a particular application.


Like the single leg, there are also many options for the proper double-leg sling depending on the need. Be sure the legs of a double leg sling are equally loaded in order to ensure proper load capacity. We offer several types of double leg slings including the following:

Double leg slings are used for even distribution of heavy loads.


When more than two legs are needed on a sling, a multi-leg sling should be utilized. These are typically best for extremely large or heavy loads. Kennedy Wire Rope & Sling Co., Inc. supplies these types of multi-leg slings:

For three or four-leg slings, weight distribution should be even among each leg. This ensures that the rated capacity is correct and the load is lifted safely.

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