Protect Your Employees with the Right Equipment

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Protect Your Employees with the Right Equipment

Safety is one of your most important responsibilities as an employer. Taking good care of your employees requires ensuring they have all the personal protective equipment they need to do their jobs effectively without risk of harm.

There are several pieces of personal protective equipment that are critical to ensuring employee safety. Fall protection systems are one of the most important and should be required whenever an employee works above ground with the risk of fall.

Fall protection systems include several different types of equipment. An anchor is used to secure the employee to a stable surface overhead that can bear the employee’s weight in the event of a fall. A harness is used to hold the employee and spread the impact of being secured by the anchor across the employee’s body in a fall. Connectors are used to connect the employee’s harness to the anchor.

These three basic items are required for most fall protection systems. However, when you choose a reputable brand, like DBI Sala fall protection systems, you’ll find that these three basic components are customized for different types of work.

Choosing a DBI Sala fall protection system customized for the type of job your employees perform gives them added protection and comfort for doing their job, ensuring that they will be more comfortable while working, and will recover more easily if they are involved in a fall.

Rather than relying on generic fall protection systems, check out DBI Sala’s complete line and see what products will best work for each of your employees. You can be that they’ll be safer when they have a custom fall protection system. In addition, they’ll be much more comfortable working in their protective equipment, so they’ll be much more likely to want to use it.

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