Safe Use Of A Self Retracting Lifeline

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Safe Use Of A Self Retracting Lifeline

At Kennedy Wire Rope & Sling Company, our goal is to provide the quality safety harnesses and rigging that workers in any industry can use with full confidence and trust.

We sell a full line of self retracting lifelines that extend to lengths of 175 feet as well as those that are much shorter in length. Regardless of the brand or the specific length of lifeline, there are some important factors to consider to correctly use this vital component of your fall protection gear.

The key factor to keep in mind is that a self retracting lifelines is a lifesaving device, but it has to be used correctly. When used incorrectly or when not maintained there is a dramatic increase in the risk of injury to the individual through a failure of the system to work correctly.

Correct Anchor and Harness

The lifeline connects the anchor to the harness and is therefore just one element of the full fall protection system. Each component of the system should be carefully selected. The harness must fit correctly and meet all required standards based on the specific application.

The anchor also needs to be carefully selected to attach to the overhead anchor point. In some applications, there may be two or more anchors used to create a moveable overhead line to which the self retracting lanyard will attach. This allows a greater range of mobility without having to change anchor points on a frequent basis.

If you are using self retracting lifelines make sure they are connected to the anchor correctly. Some models are not designed to have the line feeding out on a horizontal level. Instead, they are designed for use with overhead anchors, so the line is feeding down. This position is required to correctly measure the fall distance and to allow the system to absorb energy in the event of the fall and stop.

Mixing Systems

It is important to consider how the fall protection system works. Do not mix components of different fall protection systems or use any elements in the system that are not fully approved and tests as a part of the complete harness to anchor package.

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