The Chain Sling – Types and Functions Explained

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The Chain Sling – Types and Functions Explained

If heavy loads are to be lifted successfully, the right equipment must be used. One of those pieces of equipment often utilized to lift these types of loads is the chain sling. These slings can be used in various industrial and construction applications. These slings are flexible, temperature resistant, and strong enough to handle a wide array of loading conditions. It is essential that adequate safety precautions are followed at all times and in all aspects of any particular lifting scenario. The types of chain slings available for these various applications include single, double, and multi-leg slings. Our team at Kennedy Wire Rope & Sling Company can offer you the knowledge, insight, and advice you need to choose the right sling products from the selection of lifting and rigging products we offer.

Single Leg

The single leg chain sling is exactly as its name implies… it has a single chain length supporting the lifted load. Using this type of sling requires the application of an even load distribution. You can find some single chain slings that have links supporting master links and sling hooks, sling grab hooks, and foundry hooks. Other types are adjustable, and still others support a seemingly limitless basket configuration. With grade 80 chains you can have links with sizes that extend up to 7/8 inch. With grade 100 chain slings, you can have links that are 1 ¼ inch thick. Some chain slings have weight capacity ratings as high as 70,000 lb.

Double Leg

Double leg chain slings have two separate links of chain that provide support for the lift. Again, with these slings, you have options that include master links with sling hook, foundry hook, or grab hook. Some come with a double endless basket and others are adjustable. Weight capacities can exceed 100,000 pounds for certain models. These slings also come in grade 80 in grade 100 versions with the same 7/8 in 1 ¼ length sizes respectively.

Multi Leg

For extra lifting capabilities to handle loads that exceed hundred and 180,000 pounds, you may need to go with a multi-leg chain sling (which of course must be properly configured in order to function correctly and safely). These slings can consist of three or more chains. They come in the same grade options as those for the single and double leg slings. For all of your chain sling and other lifting/rigging operational product needs, be sure to contact our team at Kennedy Wire Rope & Sling Company.

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