Tractel Chain Hoist – Features and Function

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Tractel Chain Hoist – Features and Function

The Tractel chain hoist models are utilized for the purpose of lifting and transferring loads. The hoist is meant to be permanently installed on a motorized or non-motorized trolley, jib crane, being clamp, or other appropriate mechanism for anchoring. These hoists can handle heavy items at the same time minimizing the physical exertion necessary from the user.

Tralift Chain by Tractel Hoist Features

  • Strong, heavy duty design
  • Models include ¼ ton (500 pounds) to 20 ton (40,000 pounds)
  • Swivel hook that includes a collection
  • Heavy duty bearings
  • Adjustable lift
  • Self-lubricating chain
  • Automatic brake with double paw system
  • Spoke with overload deformation indicator
  • Options such as shipyard hooks, and load limiter

Operation of Chain Hoists

Chain hoists operate through the use of a dual pulley system connected by a chain. The system provides a mechanical advantage based on the principles that operate with a pulley. Load is inhibited from slipping past the ratchet. The chain can break, but not in the manner in which a steel cable can break at a dangerous high velocity.

Manual chain hoists are commonly used for lifting lesser weight items – for example, engine blocks. Electrical chain hoists are applied often for heavy and difficult loading scenarios. Certain types of heavy loads are best handled by hydraulic and compressed air chain hoists – often times utilizing jibs and cranes.

You can find a Tractel chain hoist in a range of sizes from small to large. These hoists are used in various venues, including construction sites, auto repair shops, and bridge and jib cranes. Due to its efficiency, it is able to pay back the investment many times over. At Kennedy Wire Rope & Sling Co., our professionals can help you decide which chain hoist unit is most appropriate and suited for your particular lifting or rigging application.

For more information about the Tractel chain hoist products we offer, contact us today at Kennedy Wire Rope & Sling Co.

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