Using a Wire Rope Hoist as a Reliable Lifting Solution

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Using a Wire Rope Hoist as a Reliable Lifting Solution

Instruction and industrial projects often using device referred to as a voice to lift heavy loads. Loads that are greater than 1000 pounds are often lifted with these devices though smaller size hoists can also be used to lift lighter loads. Hoists take advantage of leverage that enables the lifting of heavy items that are carried and transported efficiently. At Kennedy Wire Rope & Sling Co., Inc., provides you with the wire rope hoist you need for your lifting application. Wire is the lifting element used with KWRS hoists. These hoists can be powered either pneumatically or electrically. The operator of such a hoist must have keen knowledge of its capacity and exhibit the necessary care so that the capacity is not exceeded at any time. Any failure to follow proper safety protocol and precautions, including knowing the capacity of the hoisting device, can lead to disastrous consequences for human life and property.

Wire Rope and Chain Hoists

Hoisting devices must be selected properly to meet the requirements of a specific application. Wire rope hoists are often used to lift heavier loads than chain hoists. Whenever loads of about 3 tons or greater must be lifted, wire rope hoist is often the better option. Chain hoists are suited for environments such as factories, warehouses, car repair shops, and other settings in which lower capacity lifts are required on a regular basis. Wire rope or serve generally better for stationary permanent equipment lifts, there also preferred for problematic weather conditions are repeated loads. They’re not recommended for lifting in a horizontal direction due to stability issues – rather a chain hoist may be best suited for such a directional lift.

Pneumatic Wire Rope Hoist Application

Pneumatic wire rope hoists can be used to perform efficient lifting operations when electricity is not a feasible or safe option. These hoists and operated various lifting speeds and they also have self-cooling motors. In addition, pneumatic models are available that include corrosion and spark resistant features. You can spot loads easily with pneumatic wire rope hoists. Finally, regardless of what type of hoist you use, it’s important to follow all safety precautions and applicable codes, standards, and requirements for your lifting application. Failure to follow any applicable codes or safety requirements can result in disaster, both for human life and property.

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