What is a Crosby Turnbuckle?

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What is a Crosby Turnbuckle?

A turnbuckle is a fairly simple device used to adjust the tension of ropes, rods, wires, etc. On each end of the turnbuckle is a threaded eye. The tension is increased or reduced by turning frame in the middle of the eyebolts.

By turning the frame, the rope or wire can be made more tense without taking apart the entire setup or turning the eyebolts. For example, a Crosby turnbuckle is used to tighten the ropes on a boxing or wrestling ring. The ropes are tightened by turning the frame in the middle of the turnbuckle.

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There are different types of turnbuckles and they are distinguished by their assembly.

Eye Turnbuckle

They include eyebolts on one or either side of the device. This type of turnbuckle is particularly useful where there is a risk that the string or rope will slip especially if the device is turned.

Hook Turnbuckle

A hook turnbuckle has a hook on one or both ends of it. It is ideal for situations where the attached rope or string cannot easily slip from it. The hook shape on either end also makes it ideal for situations when you want to quickly attach it to a rope or string.

Jaw Turnbuckle

Jaw turnbuckles typically have a u-shaped connector on either side of it. This is ideal for situations where there is a possibility that the ropes anchor could slip. It differs from the eye turnbuckle because the tension is completely secured from slipping.

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