What is plasma rope?

1. What is plasma rope?

Considered the strongest rope available for its weight, it is a high strength synthetic rope. It has been designed to offer up to 50% more strength than similar sizes and options in other synthetic 12 strand ropes.

Stronger than many wire ropes and designed with a unique multi-braided appearance, it is used across many industries in the same types of applications as wire rope. This rope can be used in water and is extremely durable and lightweight, and it is also resistant to damage from UV exposure. However, plasma rope cannot be used in applications with any application or exposure to direct heat.

2. How much weight can plasma rope carry?

The WLL or work load limit of plasma rope is always determined by the design factor of the specific application. In addition, the diameter of the rope and the length of the rope will also play a part as to how many pounds per 100 feet of rope can be safely lifted or towed.

3. What is plasma rope made of?

Plasma rope is made of high modulus polyethylene (HMPE). It is made by drawing each strand, which is made of Honeywell Spectra Fiber, through a pressurized and heated system, which aligns the molecules identically within each strand. When braided in the 12-strand standard, it creates an extremely strong, corrosion resistant and fast drying rope.