Wire Rope Slings – Various Types Explained

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Wire Rope Slings – Various Types Explained

Wire rope slings come in many types that each have a variety of uses. They can be formulated into various products to match the requirements of multiple industries including manufacturing, construction, oil and gas, and mining. At Kennedy Wire Rope & Sling Co., Inc., we offer a range of different wire rope sling options as well as an array of other rigging products and accessories to meet your lifting/rigging application requirements.

Single Part Slings

The most commonly used type of wire rope sling is the single part sling. Our product line includes many different options of this type of sling, including single leg, four-leg/spreader, hand splice termination, and mechanical splice termination.

Socketed Rope Assemblies

Wire ropes with either swage (pressed) or spelter (poured) sockets on both ends of the assembly are referred to as socketed assemblies. If the application calls for an assembly to be set in a permanent location, a socketed rope assembly is commonly used.

Braided Rope Slings

Braided wire rope slings have features that differ from single part slings. These slings are often used because of their high load capacity, flexibility, and lower D/d requirements. At Kennedy Wire Rope & Sling Co., we provide four separate configurations of braided slings. These include three, six, eight, and nine parts.

Galvanized Cable Laid Slings

With considerably more flexibility than a standard wire rope, cable laid slings are constructed with a specific type of wire rope that incorporates seven smaller individual ropes twisted together in the configuration.

Stainless Steel Slings

For better resistance to deterioration due to the outdoor elements, stainless steel wire rope slings are often used as opposed to the single part slings mentioned above. It is absolutely essential that any type of lift and/or lifting arrangement is governed and performed according to all applicable codes and standards. If this is not done, serious and dangerous consequences can result for both human life and property. For additional information about the wire rope sling or other lifting products or accessories we offer and how they may apply to your specific industrial application, contact us today at Kennedy Wire Rope Sling & Co.

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