Work Securely with Ratchet Tie Down Straps

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Work Securely with Ratchet Tie Down Straps

If you work in heavy industry or transportation, you know that simply getting valuable items from point A to point B is fundamentally important. You can’t risk anything getting damaged, as damages result in wasted time, and money. One of the most efficient, and popular, methods of ensuring the safe transportation of goods is the use of ratchet tie down straps.

Here at Kennedy Wire Rope & Sling Company Inc., we distribute high quality, low priced ratchet tie down straps. No matter the application, or the size of the load, we have a product designed to meet your needs.

How They Work

Ratchet Straps utilize a simple, easy-to-use design to perform high-quality work. It’s through this design that the tie down ratchet strap has become one of the most commonly used tools in the construction/transportation industries. Using these devices is easy. First, you pull the small trigger on in the middle of the ratchet to open it. Second, you lace the strap through the axle (there will be a small slit), and pull as much of it through as possible. Then, secure the load in place.

Once the load is in place (on the bed of a truck, pallet, etc.), simply latch the strap’s hooks onto the sides of the vehicle, with the strap running across the center of the load. Proceed to move the metal ratchet forwards and backwards until the strap tightens around the load, securing it in place. The ratchet will make a cranking sound as its worked back and forth.


If you have any leftover slack, many ratchet tie down straps come with a Velcro strip that can be used to secure the excess. It’s important to know the weight of your load, so you can find a ratchet with a corresponding break strength. Break strengths generally range from 2,000 lbs., all the way up to 10,000 lbs.

At Kennedy Wire Rope & Sling Company, we have served our customers with high-quality industrial equipment, for over 30 years. All of our ratchet ties down straps are made to withstand the most demanding applications, and come in a variety of styles, and break strengths. Come in, or call, and let us show you why we’ve been so successful.

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