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One of the advantages of working with our staff at Kennedy Wire Rope & Sling Company is our experience in the area of providing rigging solutions for a variety of industries and applications. This expertise allows our professionals to provide top customer service, helping our clients to find the right part for their lifting needs.

In almost all types of lifting applications, sheave blocks, which may also be known as a block and tackle, block pulley or a combination of those terms, are the best option. The sheave block is the actual casing that contains the pulley, which may be a single pulley or there can be more than one separate pulley within the casing.

Sizing of the System

There are also some types of sheave block and pulley combinations that are adjustable. By using two set screws on either side of the system, the diameter of rope or wire rope can be adjusted to accommodate different lifting needs. It is essential to keep in mind the weight of the load that can be lifted through the system is not just a direct measurement of the rating of the wire rope or rope, rather it is also a factor on the weight capacity rating for the sheave block itself.

Options to Consider

When there is the need to frequently change the diameter of the wire rope or to use the pulley on multiple systems, a good option to consider may be a snatch block. This is a specialized block with one side that will swing open when released.

By opening the side plate, it is easy to create a loop in the wire rope and fit it to the pulley. With a traditional pulley configuration, the wire rope has to be threaded through, which will take more time.

All of our pulleys and systems at Kennedy Wire Rope & Sling Company meet industry standards. We are also able to work with our customers to create custom rigs for all lifting needs.