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Workers who carry out tasks high above the ground need to make use of fall protection equipment on a regular basis. The use of the equipment that prevents falls is crucial in order to protect the lives. SALA block fall protection equipment is used in various industries to help workers carry out their tasks in an efficient and safe manner. Some of the industries that can benefit from SALA block fall protection include construction, warehousing, and oil rigging. At Kennedy Wire Rope & Sling Company, we offer a range of fall protection products to help you meet your lifting and rigging requirements.

Self-retracting lifelines are important devices that industrial workers use on a routine basis. These devices are designed and manufactured to prevent accidental falls and the subsequent tragedy of those falls. These devices are necessary to protect workers when performing dangerous jobs, either indoor or outdoor, at elevated heights.

SALA Block Fall Protection and the Self-Retracting Lifeline

This type of lifeline can be incorporated into SALA block fall protection. It is designed to retract and extend automatically. You can use this device to move an object just connected to a hoist had a standard speed and within a particular working space. This whole system can be used to minimize the occurrence of dragging, tripping, and snapping due to the tension in the lifeline itself. Even when a fault occurs, these devices are equipped with breaks that function along with the speed sensor to prevent a fall from completing and also reduce the forces an individual may be susceptible to in such a situation – something which can also prevent injury to the individual.

Fall Arrest Lifeline

Various industries utilize fall arrest systems equipped with retracting lifelines. It is very important for any individuals using a SALA block fall protection system and associated devices to do so properly and within adherence to all safety codes, standards, and regulations to avoid injury and fatality.

If you need to implement SALA block fall protection in your lifting, rigging, or other type of activities involving elevated heights and the activities of personnel at those heights, our team at Kennedy Wire Rope & Sling Company can answer your questions about this type of protection. Contact us today for more information and find out how we can help you.