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Double braid polyester rope is an often sought-after item among consumers looking for top-of-the-line lifting and oilfield products. This is because polyester combines durability and strength with a relatively low stretch. At Kennedy Wire Rope & Sling Co. Inc., we provide several types of ropes including polyester, in order to give you the best one to meet your most demanding applications.

Polyester Properties

A double braid polyester rope is known for its unparalleled strength, with polyester having a tensile strength that is similar to that of Nylon 6. Polyester is also a bit stronger than Nylon. The fact that polyester isn’t stretchy makes it a top choice to use in the lifting field. Any stretch that is present in the material is minimized by the pre-stretching process that takes place during manufacturing.

Polyester also has low creep underneath a load, maintains its strength when it is wet and has a high melting point of 240 degrees Celsius. This material also has excellent ultraviolet ray resistance, losing just 10 percent of its reliable breaking strength after a couple of years of use outdoors. Polyester ropes will also resist abrasion well and are not conductive to electricity. This type of rope is not indicated for use in water, as, like Nylon, it will sink. Unlike Nylon, however, it does not absorb water.

Chemical Resistance

Another positive property of polyester rope is its good chemical resistance. Specifically, polyester rope is resistant to acids and alkalis at room temperature. As the temperature around the rope goes up, the resistance goes down. Polyester is also strongly resistant to petroleum-based products, solvents and bleaches. However, avoid soaking rope in strong beach for a long time, as this will end up weakening the material.

Polyester Rope Uses

You can use polyester rope for block and tackles, winches, capstans and much more. Note that a rope can be safely loaded if you use 1/10 to 1/12 of the rope’s breaking strength as a guide. Also, keep in mind that wear, age and knots can weaken your rope. With our help at Kennedy Wire Rope & Sling Co., you will easily be able to find the double braid polyester rope you need and receive guidance on how to best use it for your particular application.