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One area that is often overlooked when it comes to falls is manufacturing. Yet, manufacturing is consistently in the top five every year for workplace falls. This is because manufacturing is not as high-profile as construction and oil and gas. However, falls in manufacturing should not be overlooked.

Kennedy Wire Rope & Sling Company offers the best fall protection equipment for your manufacturing company. From anchorage and body support to connectors and descent/rescue equipment, we’ve got everything you need to protect your workers. Below, we’ll go over fall prevention in the manufacturing industry. Contact us today to get started!


OSHA (Occupational Safety and Health Administration) recommends three action steps to take in order to prevent falls in manufacturing.


Planning to prevent falls is crucial. This entails not only having the proper safety equipment for manufacturing personnel, but it also entails having a mindset of fall prevention. Keeping your manufacturing facility or warehouse clean of clutter is crucial to preventing falls. Having cords up where they go, equipment and tools in their proper place, and employees wearing the proper shoes. Planning also entails thinking about the upcoming jobs and implementing plans to perform them safely. The proper fall prevention equipment, supplied by a premium fall prevention company, such as Kennedy Wire Rope & Sling Company, is paramount to fall prevention as well.

  • Anchorage points. Your fall arrest system has to be able to withstand the force of a fall. Anchors from tie-off straps, cable chokers, roof anchors, and weld on D-ring plates are available from our online store.
  • Body support. Full-body harnesses are the best way to catch people who accidentally fall. They distribute the force of the fall, resulting in less injuries. Modern full-body harnesses are extremely comfortable and ergonomic, to the point you wouldn’t notice them when being worn. Many companies now make industry-specific full-body harnesses to be even more comfortable based on the job duties you have to perform. Some examples include oil and gas, construction, and transportation. Kennedy Wire Rope & Sling Company offers many types of full-body harnesses, including ladder lifting and descent control.
  • Connectors. Besides having super strong anchorage points to take the force when you fall, having connectors, such as shock-absorbing lanyards or self-retracting lifelines, that can hold your body weight with acceleration is imperative to safety as well. We offer over 30 styles of connectors to choose from, of various lengths, in order to fit your needs.
  • Descent/Rescue. Once you’ve fallen, you need a way to get back up. Descent and rescue equipment is just as important as the other components in order to get you back to safety as soon as possible. Kennedy Wire Rope & Sling Company offers suspension trauma straps, Rollgliss descent devices, and tripod and winches for your use.


Manufacturing companies must provide workers the above equipment in order to ensure their safety while working. OSHA guidelines dictate that anyone working six feet or more above a lower level must have personal fall arrest systems in place. Proper fitting of equipment and maintenance are also key to keeping workers safe while on the job.


Training is the last key component that OSHA recommends for manufacturing workers (and all others) when it comes to preventing falls in the workplace. Every worker needs to be trained on finding and using anchorage points, as well as how every piece of equipment works, from their own harness to the rescue equipment. In addition, workers need to be trained in the safety of their particular tools of the trade. An example of this is scaffolding that is frequently used by painters and window cleaners. All employees who work with scaffolding need to know how to properly set one up, install guardrails, ensure it’s level, make sure proper footing is in place, and know how to inspect the scaffold once it is assembled for proper placement.

Safety is very important to Kennedy Wire Rope & Company, which is why we offer safety seminars at your manufacturing business or any other industry. In these seminars, we will cover many topics, including:

  • Three types of slings: wire rope, synthetic, and chain
  • Safe rigging practices
  • Wire rope applications and inspections
  • Fitting inspections
  • Hand signals
  • Sling inspection procedures
  • And more

We are passionate about bringing safety to your company. Contact us today to learn more!


We only believe in offering the best fall protection products and service for your manufacturing company. From our top-notch fall protection equipment to our self-retracting lifeline repair services, we do whatever it takes to keep your employees safe. Self-retracting lifelines are literally your employees’ lifeline should they suffer a fall in the workplace. It’s imperative to ensure these are regularly inspected, tested, maintained, and repaired correctly. We are also able to advise you on which type of fall protection equipment and lifelines would work best for your manufacturing or other business.

As the provider of rigging and lifting equipment, we are experts also at inspecting and repairing this equipment for you. We follow all guidelines, such as ASME, API, and OSHA. We can inspect chain slings, synthetic slings, and wire rope slings, as well as rigging hardware, heavy lifting equipment, and chain falls, hoists, and cranes. We understand that you run a busy manufacturing business and that you may not have time to do it all. Call us to handle these services today!

Proof load testing is another area where we have decades of experience. We make sure your rigging and load-lifting equipment are safe and efficient so you can continue to add value to your customers’ lives.

Kennedy Wire Rope & Sling Company also offers a wide array of other products, including slings, wire ropes, chains, cordage, rigging hardware, lifting beams, Crosby rigging, and wire rope lubrication. For over 35 years, we’ve been helping your company by supplying these needs so you can improve the world around you. Visit us online today to see all of our products!