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The construction industry overall is one of the most dangerous lines of work to be in. The statistics are grim. One out of every five worker deaths in the US is construction-related, and falls account for 38% of those. Companies with 10 or less employees and those who are self-employed account for almost half of the construction industry’s deaths. It is also estimated that about half of the serious injuries in the workplace go unreported each year.

Kennedy Wire Rope & Sling aims to help reduce these numbers by providing the best fall protection systems and gear for your construction business. We offer safety harnesses, self-retractable lanyards, and a descent/rescue system. Our mission is to help you keep your employees safe through our top-notch fall protection equipment. Below, we’ll take a look at fall protection for the construction industry and some tips to help you prevent falls at your job sites. Browse our immense selection of fall protection, wire rope slings, synthetic slings, chain slings, rigging hardware, and wire rope today!


Fall protection involves having the tools and equipment needed to keep your workers safe. OSHA (Occupational Safety and Health Administration) requires that any worker who is working above six feet off the ground be equipped with some sort of fall protection device. In general, there are three types of fall protection.

Fall Prevention

Fall prevention aims to keep people from reaching the fall hazard in the first place. This is mainly done through barriers. An example of this would be railings along cliffs, guardrails, and skylight screens. Here, no personal protection equipment (PPE) is needed; only the barrier that needs to be erected, such as a concrete wall. There is no special training involved when you implement fall prevention in your construction business, and it only needs to be installed and inspected annually. There is virtually no potential for injury, and there is no burden to your construction employees. All of the onerous is on the employer to erect the barriers, which means higher up front costs. However, this is OSHA’s preferred fall prevention method because there is little to no risk.

Fall Restraint

A fall restraint system is meant to prevent people from reaching a fall hazard by using a tie off system. This method of fall prevention does require custom fitted fall prevention equipment, such as a harness, and training is needed to ensure proper use of it. It should be inspected after every use. However, the risk for injury is low. OSHA prefers fall restraint over fall arrest. The initial costs are less than fall prevention, but the hidden costs lie in the initial and ongoing training that is required, as well as the cost of the custom fitted fall prevention equipment and the maintenance of it. A fall restraint system is typified by a harness and a lanyard that has a set length from its anchor point.

Fall Arrest

A fall arrest system stops a fall that is already in progress, using custom fitted harnesses, an anchor point, and a lifeline of some type, usually a self-retractable lifeline). This is custom fitted fall protection gear with training required. Inspections are required, and the potential risk for injury is high. However, the fall arrest system is used only when you cannot use the fall prevention or the fall restraint system. Examples would be climbing up onto roofs, oil derricks, buildings for maintenance work, and more. However, if the fall arrest system is in place, you can rest assured your life will be preserved should you suffer from a slip or fall. Kennedy Wire Rope & Sling Company offers the best in fall arrest systems gear, from full-body harnesses to connectors and descent/rescue equipment. Browse our online fall prevention equipment today!


While many accidents and falls happen due to events outside of the control of the employee, accidents do occur that could have been prevented with proper safety protocol.

  • Eliminate hazards. By looking around your construction job site every day with an eye towards preventing falls, you will notice many hazards that can be moved and eliminated, from trash and board lying haphazardly around to tools out of place and ladders not properly installed.
  • Watch out for each other. Some accidents occur due to the fact someone moved a piece of equipment in the way of someone else, not realizing they are there. It’s always prudent to know where every member of your construction team is and to always check before performing an action that could cause a serious accident or worse.
  • Follow safety protocols. It can be extremely easy to get complacent about safety, especially if you are comfortable with your job and no accidents have occurred in recent memory. However, safety requires an ever-present mindset, since all it takes is one missed step on a stairwell or while you are climbing a ladder to fall.
  • Know your limits. Many falls occur because workers are tired and are thus not paying attention. Kennedy Wire Rope & Sling Company recommends that you always get plenty of sleep, and if you are tired and are working long hours, that you take breaks when you need them. Don’t climb up high when you are having a difficult time staying awake.


Kennedy Wire Rope & Sling Company works tirelessly to ensure your construction crews are protected by offering the best fall protection systems. We have everything you need to keep your crews safe, including anchorage points, body supports, connectors, and descent/rescue equipment. Not only are these systems safe, but they are designed to be comfortable, as well as breathable, meaning you can do your work without feeling hindered by the harness or the equipment. We offer industry-specific fall protection systems, such as for construction, oil and gas, transportation, utilities and telecommunications, and wind energy. We understand that the tasks that you do are specific to your industry, and we want you to be comfortable as you go about your day-to-day tasks. Fall protection equipment is meant to be as easy to wear as your clothes and as noticeable.

Kennedy Wire Rope & Sling Company specializes in supplying many industries with wire rope slings, synthetic slings, chain slings, rigging hardware, and wire rope. We also supply cordage and pallet lift assembly. Our services include proof testing, on-site repair and assembly services, safety seminars, and self-retracting lifeline repair. Our mission is to help you run your business better through our top-notch services and supplies. Visit us online for all of our offerings today!