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Electric Chain Hoist

Like all hoists, electric chain hoists are used for lifting and lowering almost anything, from products at your warehouse to materials on a construction site. Like the name implies, an electric motor is used along with a controller that can control the speed objects are lifted and lowered. Frequently seen in industrial applications and machine shops due to the faster loading of an electric chain hoist, these hoists keep the load in the centerline during lifting and lowering for optimal safety purposes. When a trolley is used along with an electric chain hoist, the hoist can them move on a track. Kennedy Wire Rope and Sling offers many different types of electric chain hoists for your needs.

A key component to any hoisting process is the power behind it – it’s in the hoist itself. When you need an electric chain hoist, you often have a large-scale project requiring heavy, reliable lifting. Every project is unique, but our team at Kennedy Wire Rope & Sling Co., Inc is happy to help you find exactly the right type of solution for your specific setup.

Trusted, Reliable Suppliers

Our electric chain hoist suppliers have the tools and resources to ensure your hoist is operating at its very best level. We offer a large number of chain and chain accessories to help with projects, all of which are designed to be incredibly durable and effective. We offer a variety of higher strength-to-weight ratio options as well as chains resistant to wear and tear such as those ideal for load binding.

With years of experience and dedication to helping you to get your project moving, we encourage you to call Kennedy Wire Rope & Sling Co, Inc. to learn more about our electric chain hoist options. Let our team of experienced professionals give you options based on the weight, machinery type, and application. We encourage you to let our expertise help you to complete your hoist system to ensure the best end result possible. Call us at 800-289-1445 for the help you need.