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Lever Chain Hoist Products: Best Products in the Market

When heavy lifting and dependable performance is required on the job, Kennedy Wire Rope & Sling provides the lever chain hoist solutions that can get the hard work done for your company. These hoists’ features and lifting capacities make them ideal tools for pulling, positioning, and lifting applications.

Decades of Experience in Lever Chain Hoist

Our team of experts have years of combined experience in lever chain hoist. This allows us to provide our products that will suit every single one of your riggings specifications. Whether your business is in the oil, gas, or construction industry, we can rig according to exact requirements. We know that finding a quality rigging company can be a daunting task. We do offer hoists from several of the top hoist manufactures in the world. We can also repair and inspect select hoist brands.

Our Mission: To Provide Quality Rigging Hardware

At Kennedy Wire Rope & Sling Company, our mission is to provide your company with the lifting and rigging applications that are necessary for your application not only today, but for years to come. We want to provide your company with the best services possible. As such, we have adopted ISO 9001:2008 quality management practices, which means that our company-wide commitment to excellence is paired with strong efforts in continual improvement.

Let Us Know What You Need

Our flexible capabilities allow us to offer a wide variety of products suitable for an even wider variety of applications. From jobs that require a wire rope sling to plate clamp, Crosby rigging, fall protection harness and sheave block, we have the lifting equipment and solutions that your company needs.

Call us today at 800-289-1445 to learn about all of our rigging hardware & services, and much more.