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Choose the Best Wire Rope Hoist for Your Application

If your company is engaged in heavy-duty moving of parts or machinery, then you know the value of hoists that use wire rope for lifting. Wire rope is strong and durable, made of many fibers, and most often made of stainless steel. The big question is: what company will you trust to make sure that your wire rope hoist is the best in the industry?

Why Kennedy Wire Rope & Sling Company

One main reason to choose our company’s products and services is that we have a track record of continually delivering the best service in the industry. We do this by training a workforce to use the latest lifting technology, and by providing companies with the equipment to get the job done safely not just today, but for years to come. We are also ISO 9001:2008 certified.

Benefits of Wire Rope Hoists:

  • Can tolerate high levels of abuse
  • Require little maintenance
  • Provides allowance for side pulling
  • Offers fast lifting speeds
  • Can be rated in a severe duty category
  • Provides a true vertical lift

Our Rigging Solutions Worldwide

We have a reputation for building and marketing items that build highways, move equipment, and secure cargo and people. We conduct business with safety in mind at all times. As such, your company will benefit from our expertise in rigging, and our knowledge of industrial lifting solutions.

Contact Us

Our knowledge and expertise make a difference in the industry. We invite you to contact our office for further information about the ropes, slings, wire rope hoists, and other industrial lifting equipment we build and the services we provide. Call us today at 800-289-1445.