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Double Braid Polyester Rope Is a Durable Choice

When you are searching for a rope that offers the strength and durability needed to get the job done, consider a double braid polyester rope. At Kennedy Wire Rope & Sling Company, we are sure to carry the ideal rope for all of your rigging and lifting needs, allowing you to meet stringent requirements and to feel confident the rope will hold up for long periods of time.

Chemical Resistance

Perhaps the main reason a polyester double braid rope is the ideal solution in a variety of situations is its resistance to chemicals. The polyester materials in the rope are resistant to both acids and alkalis, particularly at lower temperatures. However, it is important to note that as the temperature increases, the rope’s resistance may also lessen. Therefore, it’s important to take temperatures into consideration before selecting a rope. In addition to resistance to acids and alkalis, this material also holds up well in the presence of bleach, solvents, and other petroleum-based products. This makes polyester rope a great option for a large number of applications.


Finally, double braid polyester rope is extremely durable and lasts much longer than many other rope options. Polyester is widely known to be stronger than nylon and isn’t as stretchy, which is an asset when used in lifting applications. This material maintains its strength when exposed to moisture and will not melt in temperatures below 240 degrees Celsius. It is also highly resistant to damage from the sun’s UV rays, making it ideal for outdoor use.

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