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Believed to be the strongest rope in the world, plasma rope is resilient enough to tow almost anything, and is suitable for a wide range of other applications. Constructed from ultra-tough synthetic material, this multi-stranded rope is designed to work well in challenging environments where significant strength is essential. Plasma rope is about as tough as a wire rope and offers exceptional durability.

We Can Create Towlines, Winches and Slings from Plasma Rope

In addition to providing plasma ropes in lengths, our skilled team can also turn it into a wide range of useful slings, mooring lines and similar accessories. We can customize these to meet your needs, ensuring you can benefit from some of the most durable rope products currently on the market. We are proud of our forty years of experience in providing customers from the oil & gas and related industries with premium rigged hardware and lifting products.

Plasma Rope Inspection and Maintenance Available if Required

Although plasma rope is incredibly durable, just like every other piece of lifting equipment, it needs to be inspected on a regular basis to check for any weakness or signs of wear. Our team offers a full inspection and maintenance service, carrying out all the necessary checks to ensure that your plasma rope and other equipment are in top condition. If repairs are required, we can carry them out efficiently, as well as completing post-repair checks to make sure your equipment is ready to use again.

Competitively Priced Plasma Rope and Other Lifting Equipment

We know that cost-effective lifting solutions are important to our customers, which is why everything we offer is competitively priced and designed to offer maximum value-for-money. As an established provider with many loyal customers, we believe a personalized, responsive service and exceptional products are the secrets of our continued success. To find out more or to place an order, you can call us at (800) 289-1445.

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