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Synthetic Slings

At Kennedy Wire Rope & Sling Co, Inc., we fabricate our Synthetic Slings with high quality materials in order to provide you with an exceptional product. With decades of experience, our staff fabricate Round Slings, Flat Slings, and any other Web Products you may need for a variety of lifting and rigging applications; including but not limited to, Oil & Gas, Construction, Utilities, Hose Handling, & Boat Lifting.


Web slings are often used to lift fragile loads. Webbing provides a soft surface against the load, therefore, protecting it from damage. We offer many types of synthetic web slings such as Eye & Eye, Endless, & Multi-Leg Spreaders.

The different sling types are used for a secure connection to any load. For example, flat slings allow for easy removal from under a narrow load. These work well with basket hitches and similar load types.


Kennedy Wire Rope & Sling Co. Inc. offers synthetic Power Lift round slings with rated capacity ranges from 2,100 lbs. to 180,000 lbs. depending on the application. Round slings are a versatile lifting product that may be used in any industry.


Synthetic sling end fittings allow for the sling to attach properly for different uses. Kennedy Wire Rope & Sling Co. Inc. offers a variety of fittings to fit any load or applicable need. We ensure that the fitting recommended for a particular project is rated for a load larger than necessary. This keeps the user and the load safe and secure.

Each fitting has a particular use and many can be connected for multiple uses. Call 1-800-289-1445 today to speak with someone regarding the proper fitting for your application.


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