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When you are carrying out operations that involve rigging, safety should be at the top of the agenda. It is very important to have the right quality equipment and accessories in place to perform these tasks properly. With the right rigging hardware, you can achieve your rigging goals in a safe and efficient manner and complete the job without incident. At Kennedy Wire Rope & Sling Co., Inc., we have built relationships with high-quality suppliers of rigging hardware and equipment in the industry to help you achieve success with your rigging projects.

Rigging Hardware

We offer different types of rigging hardware as a premier provider of harnesses and slings and the industry. This hardware includes Crosby eye bolts, Crosby lifting clamps, Crosby swivels and hooks, and Crosby Bullard hook. We also provide different turnbuckle options, including hook and eye, hook and hook, jaw and eye, and eye and eye. Turnbuckles are used extensively to adjust the tension or length of tensioning systems, including ropes, cables, and tie rods. We also provide load monitoring equipment, plate lifting clamps, sheave blocks, snatch blocks, and lifting beams.


It is vitally important to conduct a thorough inspection before very shift and prior to the use of any rigging hardware and equipment. Inspectors must look for wear or tear on the equipment, including such features as bent hooks, weak shackles, or loose clamps. If anything does not look right, it should be immediately tagged “not for use.” Damaged items should be repaired or replaced by the manufacturer before any further use.


Those working on equipment or assembling it must correctly attach rigging hardware in order to ensure equipment functions safely. Those performing the assembling work should have extensive training in rigging hardware and slings. These individuals should be trained in performing rigging operations and connecting loads to load hooks. Individual setting up rigging equipment should understand how various types of rigging hardware work and be able to select the best item for a particular job. This worker must inspect each piece of hardware and equipment for is used. Lastly, the inspector must ensure that there are no suspended loads left unattended. Loads should be monitored at all times by a spotter. At Kennedy Wire Rope & Sling Co., we offer many types of rigging products to help you perform successful rigging operations. To learn more about what we offer, contact us today.