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Quad, or 4 leg wire rope sling arrangements, consist of four lengths of wire rope that are joined at the top with a master link. This design arrangement results in superb control and load balance. It is sometimes referred to as a four leg cable sling arrangement or a four leg bridle wire rope sling arrangement. Many times, these arrangements include latched eye hooks the end of each length of rope. However custom-made variations of each leg is possible by the addition of alternate hardware as required. At Kennedy Wire Rope & Sling Co., Inc., we offer innovative products that help you optimize your wire rope sling applications.

Purpose and Characteristics

A 4 leg wire rope sling can be used for general lifting purposes. These slings may consist of an attachment directly to the load by placing loops over lugs or hooking into lifting eyes. These arrangements are designed for both unbalanced and balance loads, as well as for heavy lifts very easily distributable over four points. The wire rope slings we offer at Kennedy Wire Rope & Sling Co., Inc. are made from high quality steel and offer resistance to heat, corrosion, many chemicals and any detrimental effects of extended exposure to sunlight.

Whether they are used with hooks, other end attachments, or as chokers, the load capacity of four-legged bridles is affected by the rigging angle. As the leg angles are reduced, the rated capacity also reduces.

Sometimes thimbles may be added to the loops that connect the wire rope links to the oblong, offering important protection at the point of contact and prolonging sling life. Additionally, a flemish eye splice may be used with 4 leg wire rope sling arrangements as well as a carbon steel sleeve to enhance the use of ropes’ capacity.

Multi-legged bridles consisting of between two and four straight legs may be offered with thimble eyes, plain eyes, closed sockets, open sockets, turnbuckles, or shackles.

Rated Capacities

Depending on the direction and angle of the pull in the lift, the rated capacities of four leg wire rope sling arrangements can vary significantly. The type of wire rope used can also have an impact on capacities and recommended or permissible application.

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