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full body harness for fall protection kennedy wire rope and sling co

Fall prevention systems are needed in many industries in order to protect workers from falls, and ultimately, save lives. However, practically-speaking, wearing a full-body harness all day long every day, in the heat and the cold, can be extremely uncomfortable to say the least.

Kennedy Wire Rope & Sling Company aims to prevent the dread that can be associated with full-body harnesses by offering comfortable harnesses that will not only save your life, but will be unnoticable when it is on. Below, we’ll go over some of the key points in what to look for when choosing a full-body harness. Contact us today to get started!

Some things you want to look for in a comfortable and safe full-body harness include:

  • Dorsal connection. This is the fall arrest point on the back of your full-body harness that is located between your shoulder blades.
  • Webbing. Webbing is important in durability and safety of your full-body harness. It should be strong enough to endure your work use, sunlight resistant and UV protected, and resistant to fraying. Fire resistant is also an option for those industries where fire may be a risk.
  • Adjustment. This is for comfort while wearing. You want your full-body harness to fit you properly so it’s comfortable and out of the way of your work. There are usually adjustment points on the legs, waist, chest, and torso.
  • Leg straps. There are different types of leg straps, which is more of a personal preference. Some include a tongue buckle, a pass thru buckle, and a quick connect buckle.
  • Pelvic support. A sub-pelvic strap helps in support, security, and comfort of the wearer. It can better distribute the force of a fall.
  • Lanyard keeper. This is the place where your lanyard is stored when not in use. The key here is that it is out of your way.
  • Padding. Padding serves two purposes. One is to provide comfort while wearing it. A cushioned shoulder, leg, and hip can help keep the pressure of the full-body harness off your body. The second reason is it will help absorb the shock and distribute the weight of your fall. They should be built-in so they don’t move.


At Kennedy Wire Rope & Sling Company, our mission has always been to meet the needs of the industrial and oil and gas markets. We began as a rigging supply and hardware company, gradually adding in more products and services with demand, including wire rope, slings, and fall protection equipment. Soon, we added in-house product testing services and on-site service work and inspection services when we added another spooling truck.

As we’ve grown, what hasn’t changed has been our overwhelming commitment to our customers and meeting their needs. All of our products are top-notch and quality checked. After all, lives depend on the reliability of our fall prevention equipment, wire ropes, and rigging equipment. Our team is dedicated to offering you the best rigging hardware and supplies, fall prevention harnesses and accoutrements, electric chain hoists, and more. Visit us online today!