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Kennedy Wire Rope and Sling Co., Inc. partners with Harrington Hoists, Inc. to provide quality hoisting products for our customers. This allows us to provide a full lineup of lifting options and replacement parts. Together, we are able to offer a wide variety of solutions for any situation.


We understand how many different lifting situations you encounter on the job. Therefore, our customers require a full range of hoisting options to get the job done right. Through Harrington Hoists, Inc. Kennedy Wire Rope and Sling Co., Inc. offers the following Harrington chain hoists:

Each hoist has a specific use to ensure the safe completion of every lifting project. We also offer replacement parts for all of our rope or chain hoists.


Chain hoists come in all types and sizes to suit the magnitude of the job. Extremely large or heavy loads may require multiple hoists in order to produce enough strength to handle the project. Our representatives can help you choose the best hoist for your project. Make sure the chain hoist you choose is rated for a larger load than necessary to ensure a safe lift.

In other cases, small hoists are the better choice. The CX hoist is the smallest available chain hoist designed to reach in tight spaces. The LX level chain hoist is notably the most compact for its ½ ton capacity. From the largest to the smallest, Kennedy Wire Rope and Sling Co., Inc. has the right hoist for the job.

To speak to someone regarding our rigging capabilities or for help choosing the right products for your situation, call us at 361.289.1444.

Offering the following hoisting solutions: