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Fall Protection Equipment

Fall Protection Products and DBI/SALA Self-retracting Lifeline Repair Facility

Kennedy Wire Rope & Sling Company is recognized as one of largest and most successful DBI/SALA and Protecta fall protection distributors in Texas. Our line of fall protection products can help insure a maximum level of safety when working in extreme scenarios. We stock large volumes of fall protection products at all of our facilities. This allows us to offer quality service & prompt delivery to our customers throughout the world.

3M DBI/SALA & Protecta provide a variety of fall protection equipment including:

Fall Protection need not be complicated. In fact, the basics of every personal fall arrest system are as simple as A, B, C and D!


Anchors are the securing point of attachment for the fall arrest system, and must meet the ability to withstand the allowable arresting forces in the event of a fall. Anchors are available in many different varieties which include web tie-off straps, cable chokers, Roof anchors and Weld on D-ring plates. These are just a few commonly stocked at our fall protection systems facilities.

Body Support

In the event of a fall, full body harnesses are worn to allow the forces placed upon the body to be distributed over the upper thighs, pelvis, chest, and shoulders. Fall Protection Harnesses are available in different types, with various features and d-rings, depending on their intended use. Some examples include: Work Positioning (designed with d-rings on the hips) Ladder Climbing (Lifting d-rings, or a d-ring on the chest strap) Descent Control (Chest d-ring) Regardless of the fall arrest system application, we’ve got you covered!


A connector, such as a shock absorbing lanyard or a self-retracting lifeline, is a device that links the user’s full body harness to an anchor. When used with a fall restraint system the connector must be short enough so that the worker cannot reach a fall hazard. We commonly stock over 30 different styles of lanyards and a wide assortment of self-retracting lifelines ranging in lengths all the way up to 175 feet.


Descent and rescue devices are a vital component of any fall protection program. Remember, during an emergency when quick escape or rescue is vital, every second counts. From easy to install suspension trauma straps, to Tripod and Winches and to Rollgliss Descent devices for drilling, snubbing and well servicing rigs you can always count on DBI/SALA equipment to get you or your worker to safety.