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Without rope, humans would not be where we are today. Many buildings would never have been built, and many objects that we wanted moved never would have been. The Great Pyramids in Giza would not be standing, medieval cathedrals would never have been built, and skyscrapers as we know it would not stand. Rope is integral in every major building project imaginable, both past and present.

Rope in its simplicity is just fibers twisted together to make a cord that, together, is strong enough to move heavy objects easily. This same principle can be applied to most materials, and some say, to people, too!

Wire rope is simple wire strands that are put together. Kennedy Wire Rope & Sling Company based out of Texas offers wire rope that is used in many industries, including oil and gas, construction, building, mechanical, and industrial uses nationwide. Wire ropes can also be used by any company that routinely moves and/or lifts heavy loads, such as piano companies. Below, we’ll take a look at wire rope and its peculiarities that make it so strong. Contact us today!

The Uses of Wire Rope

Wire rope is used by many industries to do work. When a wire rope is used in conjunction with a crane, a hoist, a swivel, a shackle, or a hook, you can move even heavier loads in a very methodical, controlled manner. Wire roping also makes up a good part of suspension bridges, or other types of bridges that use a suspension system or roping for support. You’ll find that wire ropes are used in most elevators as well since they go up and down.

The Making of Wire Rope

Wire rope is constructed like other rope; the difference is purely in the material used. Wire rope uses steel wires that are wrapped around a center core and that is laid out in a certain pattern (mainly helical) to give it its unique properties. Some of the benefits and characteristics of wire rope include:

  • Incredible strength
  • Resists stress from loads
  • Flexible
  • Resists fatigue
  • Resists metal loss
  • Resists deformation
  • Resists rotation
  • Resists crushing
  • Resists abrasion
  • Stability

The Components of Wire Rope


Kennedy Wire Rope & Sling Company notes that wire is the most abundant component of wire rope. Individual wires are wrapped together to make individual strands of wire in the rope. Wires can be made from most types of metal, including, steel, iron, stainless steel, bronze, copper, and more. That being said, all wire is not the same, meaning that different types of wire have different strengths and different properties. For example, there are different levels of metal fatigue resistance, corrosion resistance, and metal fatigue and deformation resistance.

Strands of Wire

Wire strands are wires that are put together, arranged in a specific pattern, and then coiled around in a helical pattern. Helical refers to a helix, which is a line that stays at a constant angle as its wrapped around an axis, which, in the case of a wire rope, is the center core. The way the helical strands lay give the maximum strength, flexibility, and bending that is necessary when you are lifting or loading objects.

That being said, there are different thicknesses you can use for strands of wire that can affect the use of the wire rope. The thinner your wire rope strands, the more pliable and flexibility it will have. The thicker the strands, the more resistance they will have to the weather and deformation as well.


The core of a wire rope is the centerpiece. This gives wire rope its structure and provides support for the wire strands that are wrapped around it. The core of wire rope can vary, being synthetic fibers to being metal itself. Kennedy Wire Rope & Sling Company emphasizes that the core of the rope is just as integral to the wire rope’s function as the other components.


Lubrication is very important since wires grinding against wires naturally have an inherent resistance to each other. When you apply lubricant (usually when the metal wires are being manufactured), you allow the metal wires to rub against each other more easily. Wire rope lubrication, thus, reduces friction and protects the wires from corrosion, especially the parts that are exposed to the elements.

Kennedy Wire Rope & Sling Company specializes in wire rope lubrication applications. We offer a variety of wire rope lubrication for your wire rope needs to keep your ropes in tip-top shape.


Kennedy Wire Rope & Sling Company helps you with your wire rope products for all of your needs, such as rigging hardware, slings, and fall protection. Our wire ropes are often used for lifting operations as well in many industries from industrial cranes to construction and oil and gas. Furthermore, we also offer wire rope lubricants to keep your stainless steel wire ropes in tip-top shape.

Our mission is to help you with your operations by providing the best chains and chain hoists, cordage, slings, and accessories. For over 35 years, we’ve been providing companies in Texas and around the nation with reliable lifting and rigging solutions. We focus on forming strategic partnerships that can add value to our clients. We believe that, like rope, we are better together. By joining forces in a spirit of cooperation, Kennedy Wire Rope & Sling Company is poised to keep going strong well into the next century. Visit us online today!